PROBLEM: Microsoft Word Won’t Open a Form

A computer’s settings dictate what program will be used to open a particular file type. Most often, .doc files or .dot files (document template) will automatically open in Microsoft Word.

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your machine but clicking on a form’s link to launch one of the Word documents doesn’t launch the program, check your system’s Help Section to learn how to associate programs with certain file extensions.

You can also simply launch Word, select Open, and browse your way to the form you wish to open.

The same scenario applies if you have a word processing program other than Microsoft Word. Right-click the link for one of the Straight Text (.txt) files, then launch your word processing program, or select Open from inside that program then browse your way through your hard drive to the location of the file you just resaved, selecting the file to open it.

Once you’ve downloaded the forms, you must open a Word form using the full, commercial version of the Microsoft Word program. (You cannot use “Works” or another sample version of Word; the form field feature is required, which is available only in the full version of Word.) You can also use the open-source Libre Office, Open Office or Google Docs in many circumstances.


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