Using a .zip File

Downloadable files are supplied in “.zip” format to reduce their file size and ensure the contents are delivered without corrupting them. Zip files must be EXTRACTED before use.

Most computers and devices come with a .zip utility pre-installed.

On a Windows PC, a right-click to a .zip file shows the option to ‘Extract All…’ to unzip the file.

On a Mac, a double-click to the .zip file should automatically extract it with the Archive Utility.

If your computer does not have a .zip utility pre-installed, we recommend the FREE StuffIt Expander software or app.

If double-clicking the .zip file opens a window that shows the interior files instead of launching an extraction program, simply drag the files you want to use out of the open .zip folder onto your hard drive to extract them. (Do not try to open or use any files from within a compressed .zip folder!)

Once you have extracted the legal forms software files from the downloaded .zip, you must open those files using the appropriate program (Adobe Reader for .pdf, Word for .doc, etc.).


NEED MORE HELP? CONTACT SUPPORT: If you have any problems with the download or use of the legal forms software after purchase, please EMAIL SUPPORT for a prompt response. While we cannot provide any legal advice, our tech team will answer any download, access or forms use questions quickly and completely.