Standard Legal’s WORD Format

The Word format is the primary format for v5 long form contractual documents, where multiple paragraphs and pages are presented in written format.

(Pre-formatted form-based templates with fields are set up as PDFs in v5 titles.)

A full-featured version of Microsoft Word is one option to complete the Word-formatted documents. Additionally, FREE open-source word processing programs like OpenOfficeLibreOfficeGoogle Docs, etc. may work as well.

Opening any of the .doc or .docx files directly or using the links within the software index should launch the primary Word program on your device, provided that a program is installed. If Word does not launch automatically, then launch Word through the “Start>Programs” menu and browse the drive from within Word to the folder containing this software. Go first into the “instructions” folder and then the “forms” folder. Find the appropriate Word file and then open it by double-clicking on it.

The Word versions of the documents provided have instructions included within each tabbed fill-in-the-blank section. These instructions appear to provide directions to the user as to how to appropriately fill in that particular “blank.” (If the instructions are not appearing, try clicking the F1 button on the keyboard when the cursor is located inside one of the blank fields for a pop-up window with directions.)

Simply click your cursor inside the first gray box, review the instructions or question related to that box, type in your answer and hit the Tab key to move to the next form field. Continue until all of the answers are completed.

Note that the GRAY BOXES that hold the user-provided data WILL NOT BE VISIBLE WHEN THE DOCUMENT IS PRINTED!



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