Can an Expatriate Living Abroad Use Forms from Standard Legal?

As long as a person who lives in another country plans to follow the laws of one of the states of the United States and completes the documents per the directions contained within (including the provided execution and notary signing instructions), any person can create valid documents using the legal forms software offered by Standard … Read more

Can Standard Legal Help Me Create Customized Language in a Document?

Without question, there are instances when a legal document needs customized language to support a situation that is highly specific and personal. After all, no legal document company can cover all possible scenarios for any topic.

It is this type of situation in which a person must give careful consideration as to whether customizing do-it-yourself documents is a wise choice vs. working with a local attorney to create fully customized documents.

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Can I Represent a Family Member in a Lawsuit if He Grants Me Power of Attorney?

No, you cannot represent another person in court simply by being granted Power of Attorney. Only attorneys who are licensed to practice law can represent the interests of another person in a court proceeding. The Power of Attorney will not vest you with the proper authority to represent another person in court.

Does Standard Legal Offer the Same Documents as LegalZoom?

Because LegalZoom® advertises their legal document preparation services website on a number of cable television and radio programs, their company is becoming fairly well know. (Another new site that has popped up in recent weeks with a similar offering is

Because these companies are in the same industry as Standard Legal, many people wonder what the differences in products are when they are ready to make a purchase.

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If I Represent Myself Pro Se in District Court, Am I Entitled to “Attorney Fees” for My Time and Research?

We assume this request is an effort to get the losing plaintiff in a civil case to pay a pro se defendant for the time it takes to defend himself. (Obviously, the Court will not reimburse a pro se defendant in a criminal case.) Standard Legal is unaware of any situation in which a person … Read more

If I Gather Information and Prepare a Legal Form for Another, Am I Practicing Law Without a License?

The definition of unauthorized practice of law varies from state to state, so providing a specific answer is difficult.  But generally (and note that we indicate generally, as in not a firm rule), merely gathering information and forms and typing a document at the direction of another, without substantive input, would not be considered the … Read more