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Incorporation Questions

Can I Create a Holding Company with Standard Legal’s Incorporation or LLC Software?

The term ‘holding company’ is merely a designation for a for-profit entity whose sole or nearly exclusive purpose is to own property. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions · Limited Liability Company LLC Questions  ·  June 17th, 2014

Can I Add Some Additional Words to an Already Registered Company Name for My Own Incorporation?

In all states, if you wish to file for Corporation or Limited Liability Company as a new business entity, the name of the entity sought to be formed must be distinguishable from any entity already of record. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions · Limited Liability Company LLC Questions  ·  June 18th, 2013

Who Can Be the Statutory Agent for My New Corporation?

In a large number of states, an individual who is an initial Director of the Corporation also can serve as the Statutory Agent for the corporation. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions  ·  May 8th, 2013

How Do I Select the C-Corporation Option When Incorporating?

A corporation is formed by filing the Articles of Incorporation (or the Certification of Incorporation) with the appropriate state agency.

Only after that filing is completed does attention turn toward the type of corporate treatment, as it is not done with the Secretary of State or with the incorporation filing. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions  ·  March 25th, 2013

How Do I Make My New Business Incorporation Into an S-Corporation?

IRS Form 2553 allows you to elect S status for your corporation, which provides for pass-through tax treatment as compared to being taxed at both the corporate and shareholder level. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions  ·  March 5th, 2013

Does Any Legal Reason Exist Against Naming My Corporation With My Own Name?

A company name can be any set of words — including a person’s name — so long as that identity is not already registered by another in a particular state.

Incorporation Questions · Limited Liability Company LLC Questions  ·  December 21st, 2012

Can I Quitclaim My House to a New Corporation and Name My Minor Children Shareholders?

Minor children can take title to real estate via Quitclaim and can be named as shareholders in a corporation.

But there are issues and limitations surrounding the future capabilities of each of these actions. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions · Quitclaim and Warranty Deed Questions  ·  May 24th, 2012

Can I Find the Names of People Who Own Certain Corporations or LLCs in Public Records?

Corporations and LLCs do not necessarily have to disclose the names of people holding ownership interests in those entities within any public records. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions · Limited Liability Company LLC Questions  ·  October 13th, 2011

Can A Group of Non-USA Citizens Form an LLC or Incorporate?

Whether or not foreigners or non-US citizen living in the USA and holding work-visas can create a Limited Liability Company or file for Corporation status depends upon the state involved. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions · Limited Liability Company LLC Questions  ·  September 15th, 2011

Can I File for Business LLC or Incorporation In One State and Live In Another?

For the purposes for forming a general business Corporation or filing for Limited Liability Company (LLC) status, there are no requirements that a person be a resident of the state in which the company is to be formed.

But there is one requirement for most states that must be managed. [ Read More… →]

Incorporation Questions · Limited Liability Company LLC Questions  ·  August 18th, 2011