Can I Name a Contingent Beneficiary in a Standard Legal Trust?

Standard Legal’s Living Trust Agreements generally fall into one of two categories: Trusts that pass property to the Grantor’s children; and Trusts that pass property to specifically named beneficiaries

For both of these types of Standard Legal Trusts, the Grantor can choose a how to distribute property to his/her named Beneficiaries if any of these individuals predecease (pass away before) the Grantor.

The choices are “per stirpes” or “per capita.”

And the choice of distribution provides a structure for addressing for contingent Beneficiaries.

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Can Standard Legal’s Trust Have Staggered Distributions?

Standard Legal’s Joint Trust documents do not provide for staggered distribution to child beneficiaries directly within the primary language. But there is a straight-forward way to accomplish a distribution of assets to specific child beneficiaries in specific amounts on specific dates using a second document included within the Living Trust package.

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