How Does Legal Document Preparation Service Work?

Standard Legal offers completed, “ready-for signature” forms through its legal document preparation services. These forms are created by asking specific questions of its customers through easy-to-follow questionnaires, then taking those highly specific responses and inserting the provided information into the required legal forms.

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What is the Difference Between Standard Legal’s Consumer and Professional Version Legal Forms Software?

Certainly by the nature of the legal topics involved, much of the content is similar between the consumer version of Standard Legal’s self-help legal forms and the Professional Version of the software. But while the content is similar, the price is not.

This significant difference in price is for the granting of a license for the commercial use of our work product.

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How Do the Products and Prices of Standard Legal Compare to LegalZoom?

Both Standard Legal and LegalZoom® offer quality pro se (self-help) legal document services. Standard Legal offers do-it-yourself legal forms software AND legal document preparation services, while LegalZoom® offers only the document preparation option. The biggest difference between the two companies is price. LegalZoom® charges significantly more than Standard Legal; they have to! See why in … Read more

Does a Limit Exist on Interest Rates a Credit Card Company Can Charge Me?

In some states in the country, usury laws are in place that cap or limit the amount of interest that can be charged on certain loans or indebtedness. (Usury is charging a price for credit that exceeds the limits set by law.) For example, the state of Ohio currently limits interest rates to 21% on personal loans made in that state.

However, 26 states have no limit in place on what a bank or credit card company can charge for interest rates on card accounts, according to the American Bankers Association.

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Can Standard Legal Provide Complete Sample Documents to Me Prior to Purchase?

The content of the legal forms is the product we sell. Standard Legal — and any other legitimate legal forms software company — cannot provide product to the public prior to purchase simply because there is no way to protect any type of written content in any commonly-used digital format from copy and use after it is provided.

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Can I Be Sued to Collect a 12-Year-Old Credit Card Debt?

The “statute of limitations” is a time period set by state law after which one can no longer bring a claim against another person — it is a “time limit” in essence.  If your state’s statute of limitations on a contract or an account with the credit card company is, for example, ten years, the attorney attempting to collect the debt can no longer pursue your mother for this debt (or cannot, at least, file a lawsuit against her to collect the money).

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