Does Standard Legal Offer the Same Documents as LegalZoom?

Because LegalZoom® advertises their legal document preparation services website on a number of cable television and radio programs, their company is becoming fairly well know. (Another new site that has popped up in recent weeks with a similar offering is

Because these companies are in the same industry as Standard Legal, many people wonder what the differences in products are when they are ready to make a purchase.

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What is the Difference Between Standard Legal’s Consumer and Professional Version Legal Forms Software?

Certainly by the nature of the legal topics involved, much of the content is similar between the consumer version of Standard Legal’s self-help legal forms and the Professional Version of the software. But while the content is similar, the price is not.

This significant difference in price is for the granting of a license for the commercial use of our work product.

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Can Standard Legal Provide Complete Sample Documents to Me Prior to Purchase?

The content of the legal forms is the product we sell. Standard Legal — and any other legitimate legal forms software company — cannot provide product to the public prior to purchase simply because there is no way to protect any type of written content in any commonly-used digital format from copy and use after it is provided.

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